Having fun with WS-Eventing

Jim and I are working on a new application that will combine Web Services and RFID technologies. One of the things that we need is events, so we decided to have a look at WS-Eventing. While on the plane back from Hawaii, I decided to have a go at implementing it using WSE 2.0. It has proven remarkably easy. I now have code that allows a consumer to subscribe with an event source and receive notifications. The main difficulty was not the implementation of the protocol but how to make it easy for programmers to use it. I am still playing with some ideas.

There is an issue with the version of WS-Addressing used by WS-Eventing. WSE 2.0 uses the March 2004 version of WS-Addressing while WS-Eventing utilises the March 2003 one. I guess we’ll have to wait for the new version of the spec. Things still work; it’s just there is no way to achieve interoperability at this stage :-(

We are planning to make the source code available as a gotdotnet community project (pending approval by the University Newcastle legal team). More on this soon.

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