Back from holidays and away immediately

I am back from my holidays in Cuba. I had an excellent time, met lots of people, experienced the local culture, and visited many places. The people of Cuba are great; full with music and passion in their lives. It’s so unfortunate they are not given the opportunity to prosper, both due to the external and internal political situations. They are governed by a dictatorship (no matter what the intentions) and an embargo is enforced on them by “democratic” nations. I do hope that they get a break soon without getting drawn into the version of “democracy” that capitalism and imperialism dictate these days.

I’ve been trying to catch up with email since my return (just to amuse Jim, I am going to mention the number of messages I found in my mailbox… 2980… now he can comment again about how uninteresting my posts are :-)

My boss Paul Watson and I left immediately for Oxford to give an invited talk at the department of Computing Science of Oxford University tomorrow and talk with the guys here. It should be very interesting.

Tonight, Paul and I had dinner at the Kellogg College, University of Oxford together with the fellows of the College. It was a very interesting experience. I even wore a tie for dinner (that was the second or third time in my life) while all the College fellows were in their academic gowns. Typically Oxford!

I’ve also seen that there have been some responses to the “processThis” post. I am going to catch up with the blogs I am monitoring in the next couple of days so the discussion can continue.