Wow! 1090 messages!!!

I decided to take a break away from my computer after a long time. Didn’t touch the thing for 5 days. Went to Paris with my girlfriend and had a brilliant time. Now I am in a hotel in Amsterdam because I managed to mess up with our flights and didn’t notice that there was a 15 hours connection time :-)

Decided to download my email and found 1090 messages waiting in my mailbox. Outlook tells me that 800 of those are junk but I still need to go through them. Still… for a holiday period the non-junk ones are still a lot. And I haven’t even looked at the blogs I follow.

A quick scan through what’s been going on tells me that there has been an interesting discussion going on. (Jim‘s post, Mark‘s post, followed by Bill‘s post). As Jimsays, I am glad that our ideas are not “out there”.

Hopefully I’ll catch up by tomorrow evening.

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