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April 2004

Too many trackbacks while testing :-(

I’ve implemented full support for trackbacks in the pblog engine. However, due to a mistake while I was testing I may have sent few extra trackback notifications to some of the referenced posts from my existing entries. Those extra trackbacks were sent 3 days ago. My sincere apologies.

A studentship available for PhD students outside the UK

This is from the announcement of a studentship for the UK all-hands meeting 2004 in which I am involved.

The UK e-Science Programme All Hands Meeting is the flagship meeting for dissemination within the UK of its e-science activities. Last year’s meeting attracted over 450 attendees with demonstrations from

Microsoft’s documents on SOA and the Grid fascination with modelling state

I just found the “Application Conceptual View” collection of documents on the Microsoft site. I think that everyone in the Grid community should read the introduction. Here’s how a service is described:

“Software services are discrete units of application logic that expose message-based interfaces suitable for

More on “WSDL!=Object IDL” or “roundup revisited”

And the discussion continues.

Following from Ted‘s blog entry, Steve Vinoskireplies. Also, following from Sean‘s “In a Swiss army knife, sometimes all you see is the knife” entry, Don Box gives his view in his “WSDL ?= IDL” post.

Also, Steve Loughran wonders whether

pblog database schema changes and trackback support

I spent some time today playing with the pblog SQL Server database schema because I have some new features in mind I want to introduce in the future. One of the things I changed was the use of primary keys in the tables. At first it seemed like a very

Wow! 1090 messages!!!

I decided to take a break away from my computer after a long time. Didn’t touch the thing for 5 days. Went to Paris with my girlfriend and had a brilliant time. Now I am in a hotel in Amsterdam because I managed to mess up with our flights and