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March 2004

Is it a Web Service or not?

:-) Mark Baker blogs about “the iTunes music store and the non-browser Web”. He writes:

So let me understand… ITMS is presenting an HTTP/URI based interface intended for use by automata, and not human-controlled browsers? How is such a thing possible?! THE WEB IS FOR HUMANS (isn’t it?)!

Eric Newcomer on UML and MDA

Eric posted some comments on the use of UML and MDA. This is the last paragraph of his post…

(And no, I don’t think either UML or MDA is very well suited to using for Web services, either. Class diagrams are just not the right metaphor, since Web

Caution: roadworks ahead!

As you may have noticed, I have changed the design of my webblog and the title of my blog in the feeds. I would like to apologise to those of you who are following my blog through an RSS or Atom reader in case this change has caused any

Mark Baker on Jim’s post

Mark Baker
comments on Jim’s recent post about “Service-orientation vs Resource-orientation” which included a diagram I created for our presentations. Mark seems to think that WS-RF‘s notion of a resource is the same as the one the web is using. Although this may be true, I personally see

A nice post in the OGSI::Lite mailing list about WS-GAF and our work

This post is a month old but I didn’t know about it until Mark McKeown mentioned it yesterday during dinner (yes, we are still in Berlin). Mark announced a new release of OGSI::Lite that implements part of the WSRF suite of specifications. OGSI::Lite is a toolkit for building Grid

Mark responds but we still disagree

Mark Baker comments on my recent entry about operation names in SOAP messages.

After talking to Jim for a bit, I realised that my comments didn’t come out in the way I intended. So, just to clarify… It’s not that I was objecting on services mapping messages to operations.