Travelling ahead

I haven’t been blogging much lately. That’s because I’ve been trying to catch up with work after my recent trip to San Francisco but most importantly because of the travels that are ahead…

18 – 28 Feb
: India. I’ve been invited to participate in a team of 5 UK e-Scientists that will go to India for an India-UK e-Science N+N workshop. I am sooo looking forward to that.

3 – 4 March
: Switzerland (CERN). I am going there to give an invited talk on our WS-GAF work and our views on how to build Grid applications using Web Services. I am going to start talking about our “Search for White Dwarfs” application too. I am hoping to have made progress with part of the implementation on security by then.

5 – 8 March
: Greece. I’ll get the chance to see girlfriend, family, and friends and also vote (it’s elections over there).

9 – 14 March
: Germany (Berlin). It’s GGF time. It should be very interesting since I am expecting the discussions on WS-RF to start in this public forum, even though the specifications will not actually be submitted to GGF (I know that a decision has not been made yet as to where these specifications will end up but I am not expecting them to be submitted to GGF).

After that it’s Johns Hopkins (Baltimore) to work with the SkyServer folks and a visit for a talk at IBM’s T.J. Watson labs (hasn’t been finalised yet but I am looking forward to going there too).

I think I am going to get a third battery for my laptop so I can continue coding while I am on the road.