Indio-UK e-Science Workshop

Phew. We are just about to wrap up the workshop. It’s been interesting to see how relationships between research efforts across countries are established, how strategies are formed and get fed to policy makers, and the political games played between academics (at least at this part of the world).

The students from the Computing Science & Engineering (CS&E) department of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi have been great. These are the elite students in India. I was told that the top 125 students out of 150.000 get into a CS&E department in one of the 7 IITs in India. It’s been great interacting with them. The relationship with their professors is different from what we are used to. Two of them were even waiting for us at the airport when we arrived @ 02.00 AM!!! Not to mention that one was asked to show us around Delhi for a day (he was excellent company). I am not sure I agree with this kind of relationship; just saying that it’s different.

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