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February 2004

The India experience

I had a fascinating experience in Rajkot (map). I was flown to Ahmedabad and then driven to Rajkot where I arrived at 2.00am. I was really surprised that my hosts were still waiting to welcome me. Even Tyag Swamiji was there to welcome me (a spiritual leader

Indio-UK e-Science Workshop

Phew. We are just about to wrap up the workshop. It’s been interesting to see how relationships between research efforts across countries are established, how strategies are formed and get fed to policy makers, and the political games played between academics (at least at this part of the world).


India so far

I am having an excellent time in India. The people here are very nice. I’ve been invited to give a guest lecture in Gujarat (I hope I got it right). The Indo-UK e-Science Workshop is finishing tomorrow so I will have some time to do some site-seeing.

ObjectSpaces in Whidbey

ObjectSpaces is an interesting addition to the next version of ADO.NET for Whidbey. Jim Webber (his blog is coming soon and hopefully he’ll help in improving my “pblog” engine… I hope he gets the hint!!!) and I started a project which we called the “DatabaseTier” long time ago.

In India

Arrived in India. Fascinating place. Managed to get lost and get attacked by two dogs, in the first 2 hours of my first morning in Delhi :-)