“The Future of Grid and Web Services” and a chat with Steve Tuecke

Just returned from a UK e-Science event on the “The Future of Grid and Web Services” that Malcolm Atkinson organised. It was very interesting. Some 90 people where there. Steve Tuecke presented WS-RF and their motivation. Afterwards, I was invited to participate in a discussion panel from which interesting comments were made. The panellists: Tony Hey, Andrew Herbert, Peter Henderson, David Snelling, Steve Tuecke, and Paul Vickers. I was very encouraged by the fact that Andrew Herbert agreed with our concerns on the conceptual model proposed by WS-RF, where Grid applications are built through resource sharing.

Many of us ended up for dinner at an Indian restaurant. I spend most of the night chatting to Steve Tuecke. I really enjoyed our discussion. We finally got the chance to explain to each other our views on building Grid computing. I can now see where he is coming from and what he is trying to achieve. We still have different views but, at least, we now understand each other (well… at least that’s the case for me. I do hope Steve understood what I was on about :-).

29 Jan 2004 15:27: Updated this post with Paul Vicker’s last name. Thanks Paul for letting me know.