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January 2004

Doh! Should be more careful when deleting spam messages.

I receive so much spam. My Outlook filter does not catch everything so I am used to permanently deleting them by pressing Shift+Del. It’s become such a routine that sometimes I accidentally delete non-spam messages and there is no way to get them back. I hate spam.

It’s ok when

Eric Newcomer on WS-RF again

Eric identifies the intended use of WS-RF and WS-Context as their main difference (addressing of state vs interaction state management). I agree that WS-Addressing + local-to-the-service information is a way to identify explicitly exposed resources. But then we have to ask… What was wrong with URNs, URLs, OASIS XDI, etc?

A brief thought on WS-RF

My friend Jim from “down under” told me today over messenger that my blog is “more of a social diary than a blog”. So, here’s a thought on WS-RF with which I think he will agree…

I think from now on the focus of the discussion is going to be


In every city I visit, one of the first things I go to see is that city’s modern art museum. Due to other commitments, I only managed to visit San Francisco’s during my last day here. The “San Francisco Museum of Modern Art” is great. Really worth a visit.


Dinner with Mark Potts

As I mentioned few days ago, I had dinner with Mark Potts from HP last night. It was really nice to see Mark again and find out how well he is doing. He totally deserves it. I was also glad to see that we are on the same page